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Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

In 2015, nearly four of five S&P 500 companies received shareholder support for their say on pay proposals which exceeded 90%. Nine of ten companies received support exceeding 80%.

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Center Submits Comments on Financial Services Incentive Compensation Rules Urging Regulators to Re-Focus Final Rule on Risk

July 22, 2016 [Center News Story]

The Association's Center On Executive Compensation submitted extensive comments this week to …

Wintergreen Analysis of Equity, Dilution and Buybacks Attracts More Press Attention, But the Underlying Issues Are Far More Complex, Nuanced

July 16, 2016 [Center News Story]

The Wintergreen Advisors’ analysis of equity compensation and stock buybacks highlighted in …

House Approves Pay Ratio Funding Rider in House Financial Services Appropriations Bill

July 16, 2016 [Center News Story]

Demonstrating the GOP's commitment to removing the compliance burdens stemming from the …

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Calls for Binding Shareholder Votes on Pay, Pay Ratio Disclosure, With Further Scrutiny Likely

July 16, 2016 [Center News Story]

Theresa May, Britain's new Prime Minister tasked with managing the country's departure from …

Forbes Opinion Points Out Flaw in EPI Slam on CEO Pay

July 16, 2016 [Center News Story]

In a reminder that statistics can be used to justify almost any argument on executive pay, …

SEC Chair White Expects Revised Board Diversity Disclosure Soon

July 9, 2016 [Center News Story]

In the keynote address given recently at the International Corporate Governance Network, SEC …