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According to Center Data, the average length of an S&P 500 CD&A has increased from 15.5 pages in 2012 to 17.7 pages in 2015.

Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

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Center Discussion Call Probes Different Perspectives on Executive Compensation Design and Complexity

July 14, 2018 [Center News Story]

This week, the Center hosted an engaging Subscriber discussion call in which growing …

Bed Bath and Beyond Fails Say On Pay, Earning Rare Director Rebuke In the Process

July 13, 2018 [Center News Story]

Since the Center’s last say on pay update, 20 more S&P 500 companies have reported …

Company Use of Non-GAAP Metrics in Forecasts Is Misleading, Says Bloomberg Op-Ed

July 13, 2018 [Center News Story]

Although recent research has shown that investors are not likely to be misled by the use of …

Center Publishes “The Guide to Navigating a Proxy Advisory Firm “Against” Recommendation”

June 30, 2018 [Center News Story]

The Center On Executive Compensation is pleased to release to its Subscribers a …

Senators Decry “Glaring Conflicts” of Interest in Proxy Advisory Firm Industry

June 30, 2018 [Center News Story]

The Senate Banking Committee heard testimony this week on the proxy advisory firm …

Center Survey Finds Fewer Companies Using Separate Consultants for Board and Management

June 30, 2018 [Center News Story]

As an update to our 2016 survey, the Center conducted a survey on compensation consultant …