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In 2012, 130 S&P 500 companies received a year-over-year change in SOP support of over 10 percentage points. In 2013, there were 107 companies. In 2014, there were 90.

During the 2013 proxy season, 466 S&P 500 companies reported say on pay results. 460 companies (98.71%) reported received majority support, averaging 91.84% support with a median of 95.49%.

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Center Launches Subscriber Working Group on Pay for Performance Rule Following Discussion Call on the Proposal's Implications

May 15, 2015 [Center News Story]

This week, the Center hosted a Subscriber Discussion Call explaining the SEC's recently …

New York Times Annual Survey Continues Focus on Outliers, Notes Growing Investor Discontent for Highest Payers

May 15, 2015 [Center News Story]

Yesterday, the New York Times published its stories on its 2015 executive compensation …

First S&P 500 Say On Pay Failure as 72 More Companies Report Results

May 15, 2015 [Center News Story]

Hospira became the first S&P 500 company in 2015 to fail to receive majority shareholder …

2015 Executive PayWatch Site Demonstrates How Pay Ratio Would Be Used in Organizing Efforts

May 15, 2015 [Center News Story]

This week, the AFL-CIO released its annual Executive PayWatch website, much of it focused on …

IRRCi, Harvard Law School Study Encourages Investors to Ask Companies for Human Capital Metrics

May 15, 2015 [Center News Story]

Human capital factors such as training and corporate HR policies are "important to …

Proposed Pay for Performance Disclosure Published in Federal Register; Center Discussion Conference Call 5/14

May 8, 2015 [Center News Story]

This week, as companies and advisors pondered its implications, the proposed …