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Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

According to Center Data, the average length of an S&P 500 CD&A has increased from 15.5 pages in 2012 to 17.7 pages in 2015.

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Citrix Settles Litigation Over Non-Executive Director Compensation

September 24, 2016 [Center News Story]

After being one of the first targets of an emerging executive compensation litigation …

All 19 Reporting S&P 500 Companies Get Majority Say on Pay Approval; Center Updates Shareholder Proposal Report

September 24, 2016 [Center News Story]

Since the Center's last say on pay update, 19 S&P 500 companies have reported say on pay …

House Capital Markets Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Corporate Governance Issues

September 24, 2016 [Center News Story]

Although overshadowed by this week's other hearings, the House Financial Services …

UK House of Commons Launches Inquiry Into Executive Pay, Board Composition

September 24, 2016 [Center News Story]

As reported in this week's BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, the UK House of Commons Business, …

Wells Fargo Senate Hearing Puts Regulators, Oversight Expansion at Center of Political Storm

September 23, 2016 [Center News Story]

Although the majority of reporting on this week’s Senate Banking Committee hearing on the …

Exec Comp Panel Forecasts Trends, Regulatory, and Legislative Outlook in Election Year

September 17, 2016 [Center News Story]

Capping the morning public policy deep-dive session, the Association’s Center On Executive …